>The human cough drop.

>I’ve been looking all over town for BioFreeze. I used a sample of it last year that came in my half marathon goodie bag. Why in the world do they give you samples of something you can’t easily and readily purchase? I read online that someone found BioFreeze at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I ran over to check it out since I am impulsive that way. A manager checked the computer system and informed me that the closest location with BioFreeze in stock was 50 miles away. Fail.

I hopped in my car and googled BioFreeze on my phone. I read that CVS, Walgreen’s, and other large drug store chains carry it. So, on to CVS I went. I did not find BioFreeze, but I did find Perform spray from the makers of BioFreeze. It was pricey, but if it made my posterior shin splints on my left leg feel better, then it was worth it. And did it ever! I sprayed it on as soon as I got in the car and it was liquid magic! My leg felt fantastic! It is smelly, though, since the active ingredient is 10% natural menthol.

With my reintroduction of weight training into my schedule this past Monday, I’ve had quite a bit of soreness in my legs. I’m guessing the squats are what did me in. It’s funny because I was squatting somewhere around 100 pounds back at the beginning of January before I quit NROLFW, so I didn’t think my squatting just the 45 pound bar on Monday would do much damage. I guess I’ve lost more muscle than I though because that workout kicked my ass.

How does this work into my intro about BioFreeze? I’ll tell you. My sore quads where screaming this morning, and I wasn’t sure how I would get my 5 mile tempo run in today. I got out the spray to help out my calf, then I had the great idea to spray my quads. This required quite a bit of the spray. I quickly started to smell like I was soaked in menthol, which I was if you think about it. The smell kept intensifying. I almost decided to skip the gym because the smell was so overwhelming. I was using the outdoor track today, so I bit the bullet and went anyway hoping that I wouldn’t offend anyone at the track.

I have to say that this stuff is amazing! My legs feel fantastic! The smell is a little strong, but I think it’s totally worth to have the relief it provides.


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I'm a happily married mother of two who is completely obsessed with running!
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  1. >We got some years ago at our Chiropractors office. Maybe reach out to your local Chiropractor

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